Advanced Antenna

Conformal Antenna Array

A conformal antenna is an antenna that conforms to a prescribed shape which is not necessarily optimized for antenna performance. The purpose is to build the antenna so that it becomes integrated part with the structure. The shape of the surface can be singly curved as the fuselage or wings of an airplane or doubly curved as the nose.

The circular cylindrical C-band array was formed by rectangular waveguide apertures on a cylinder surface. The diameter of the cylinder was 600 mm and it has 54 azimuthally polarized waveguide aperture elements with 0.7λ spacing at 5.65 GHz in the E-plane. There are three rows with 18 elements each, extending over about 120o in the azimuth.

Fig1: Conformal Antenna Array

Fig2: The cylindrical C-band array with three rows of 18 elements each, extending over about 120 in the azimuth.


Fig 3: Far field patterns for scan angle φ=0 , φ=30 and φ=60 using Constant amplitude.

Simulation Summary: