Altair Embed

Altair Embed is a powerful tool for nonlinear simulation and model-based firmware development. With Altair Embed, you design, analyze, and simulate using block diagrams and state charts. You can then automatically generate compact and optimized firmware to run on an extensive selection of microcontrollers.


Embed Professional is a block diagram/ state chart environment for the design, simulation, and Hardware-In-the-Loop prototyping of embedded control firmware for electrical drives, power electronics, and other embedded firmware applications. The Embed automatic code generator produces efficient firmware for over 1200  microcontrollers including Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, and others. Include the eDrives add-on for over 170 motor/drive examples with codegen, the Digital Power Designer add-on for power electronic examples with codegen, and the eDrives advanced User guide for theory and instructions to control any electric motor.