Data Loggers

AWS Data Logger System

The AWS Data Logger reads the environment parameters like Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Rain, Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture, Leaf Wetness andSolar Radiation etc., with respective sensors. AWS Data Logger reads Temperature, Solar Radiation and Leaf Wetness at every 1 minute and calculates hourly Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature, Sun Duration and Leaf Wetness. All the other sensors periodically read and then process all sensors data into a data packet. This
data packet will be stored in Flash and will be transmitted to the server through Satellite communication also to the GPRS FTP server. FTP data transmission can be programmable like 10,15,30,60 minutes interval.

The System has advanced configuration settings which will be stored in Flash at two levels for more data reliability. The configuration and status requests could be done from Menu and Command Prompt.

AWS System has a serial port Command interface with intelligent debug application running to tell the system status and also responds to the commands from the user.

It has LCD Display (16×2) and six Keys. LCD display will be on when any one of the key is pressed for field observation. The System status like Data of all sensors, Sensors interface connectivity, Flash usage etc.,

The System has USB2.0 interface for stored data retrieval from the flash. AWS Data Logger designed such that it will work on 12V Battery backup continuously during day and night times. The charger circuit will charge the Battery during day time with solar power.