Disaster Detector

The disaster victim detector is a wearable light weight and compact equipment for use by mountaineers, skiers etc., moving in bounding areas to help quick location and recovery of the disaster victims. It shall be capable of detecting the buried victims debris with the help of high sensitive and directional receiver capable of detecting the Electro Magnetic signals emitted by victim in the form of bleeps and pulses, where it convey his current health status and geo-location.

Some of Armed Forces personnel have to travel in disaster prone terrains as a part of their regular patrolling activities. This travel has many inherent risks and also these areas are far from any emergency response and rescue team. In the event of an avalanche and resulting burial, the only chance of survival is through companion rescue by a member of own team. In an event of a full burial, when no visual signs exist, transceivers are the only proven effective way to locate a completely buried victim.

The intent of this project is to develop a transceiver having clear visual displays, incorporating distance to object indicator, direction indicator and Heart Rate display. The device is worn by the user during outdoor recreation and runs in a low-power transmit mode, emitting a brief radio pulse along with health status information about once per second. If an individual is buried, rescuers switch their beacons to receive mode and use them in conjunction with other search techniques to locate (and hopefully rescue) buried victims.