Digital Twinning of Power System Network

This project is an integrated model-driven approach for engineers to design and operate power systems. Digital Twin Platform combines electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties with intelligent visualization for modelling, design, automation, and real-time predictive analysis. The proposed work is a real-time platform to accelerate productivity, increase efficiency, and enable digitization of power systems at every stage of the electrical installation life cycle, from design and build, to operate and maintain. This work is an orchestration of model-driven design, real-time operation, and intelligent controls to achieve fast, proactive decision-making.

TechFLUENT Scope of Work:

TSPL will provide inputs to the vendor for the design and modelling of the  digital twin power system network.

  • The main aim of the project is to build the digital twin compliant power system network design using ETAP software.
  • The power system network will be awarded in multiple packets.
  • All inputs will be provided by TSPL for the work in a cloud application format for the resources with access credentials. No need of site visits

Vendor Scope of work:

The vendor has to complete the following activities for the electrical network and submit the ETAP source files with auto cad files for review.

  • As built data verification of the site with the information provided.
  • Understand the power system network flow and components and build the single line drawing in ETAP.
  • Design and model the power system network.

List of Deliverables:

The vendor is required to submit the following files upon the successful completion of the project

  • ETAP project file with all source networks
  • CAD drawings

Please use the form below for application