Embedded Design Life Cycle

Embedded Design Life cycle and Product Realization



• Introduction to Embedded Systems

• The Build process for embedded systems

• Structural units in Embedded processor

• Selection of processor

• Selection of Memory devices




• Memory management methods

• Timer and Counting devices

• Watchdog Timer

• Real Time Clock

• In circuit emulator

• Target Hardware Debugging.


I2C Bus for Peripherals Chip Access

• 2C Bus operation

• I2C Bus subroutines

• Serial EEPROM

• Analog to Digital Converter


– Baud rate selection

– Data handling circuit

– Initialization

• LCD Interfacing

• Keyboard Interfacing

• Digital to Analog Converter

• Sensor Interfacing


• ARM Architecture

• ARM programmer’s model

• ARM Development tools

• Memory Hierarchy

• ARM Assembly Language Programming

• Simple Examples

• Architectural Support for Operating systems


Introduction of Hardware design cycle

• Phases in Hardware design

• Common parameters considering while doing the design

• Components datasheet understanding

• Basic idea of schematic and layout tools usage

• Testing phases

• Importance of Software and Mechanical in Hardware design cycle.


Embedded Advanced topics

• The CPU Bus

• Memory devices and systems

• Designing with computing platforms (debugging tools)

• Consumer electronics architecture

• Platform-level performance analysis

• Components for embedded programs

• Models of programs

• Assembly, linking and loading

• Compilation techniques

• Program level performance analysis

• Software performance optimization

• Program level energy and power analysis and optimization

• Analysis and optimization of program size

• Program validation and testing.