Mentor Graphics HEP1 for ASIC Design Flow (Backend Design)

Pyxis Schematic & Layout

Pyxis Layout, part of Mentor’s new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a fast and flexible environment for layout entry and editing. Pyxis Layout supports an extensive set of editing functions for efficient, accurate polygon editing.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

Mentor Graphics provides world-class analog/mixed-signal (AMS) verification solutions for transistor-level circuitry from the latest FinFET-based process nodes to traditional analog processes.

Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform is the world’s fastest nanometer circuit verification platform for analog, RF, mixed-signal, and custom digital circuits. More than 120 companies

Eldo Classic When accuracy matters designers choose Eldo Classic, Mentor’s “golden” SPICE accurate circuit simulator, designed to address the complex needs of analog and mixed-signal designers.

Eldo RF The analysis and measurement capabilities of Eldo RF help designers verify complex RF IC designs more quickly and accurately. From simple compression or intermodulation analysis to complex digital modulation


Calibre checks final mask writer data against the original GDSII definition to prevent mask writing with erroneous data. It supports the tracking of design updates by confirming the presence of desired changes in the final mask data independently of the fracture step.