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RF Products

RF Subsystems

Power Dividers

Power dividers are passive devises used in the field of radio technology. They couple part of the transmission power in a transmission line by a known amount out through another port, often by using two transmission lines set close enough together such that energy passing through one is coupled to the other.

Gain RF Amplifiers

Ihe gain or an amplmer IS the ratio ot output to input power or Amplitude, and is usually measured in decibels. (When measured in decibels it is logarithmically related to the power ratio: G(dB)=10 log(P.,m /(P,-,,)). RF amplifiers are often specified in terms of the maximum power gain obtainable, while the voltage gain of audio amplifiers and instrumentation amplifier will be more often specified (since the amplifier’s input impedance will often be much higher than the source impedance, and the load impedance higher than the ampIifier’s output impedance).

RF Amplifier

The bandwidth of an amplifier is the range of frequencies for which the amplifier gives “satisfactory performance”. The definition of “satisfactory performance” may be different for different applications. However, a common and well- accepted metric is the half power points (i.e. frequency where the power goes down by half its peak value) on the output vs Efficiency Efficiency is a measure of how much of the power source is usefully applied to the amplifiers output.

Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA)

Low-noise amplifier (LNA) is an electronic amplifier used to amplfify very weak signals (for example, captured by an antenna). It is usually located very close to the detection device to reduce losses in the feed line. This active antenna arrangement is frequently used in microwave systems like GPS, because coaxial cable feed line is very Iossy at microwave frequencies, e.g. a loss of 10% coming from few meters of cable would cause a 10% degradation of the signal- to-noise ratio (SNR).

RF Connectors & Cables

Wide range of RF connectors like SMA/N/TNC/BNC/ MMCX/DIN with different types like Crimp, Right Angle, Panel Mount, Solder Type suitable for all types of coaxial cables.
RF coaxial cable assemblies like RG 58, RG 174, RG 113, RG 213, LMR, Sucofoam, Semi rigid, Rigid Cables suitable for Customized connectors.
We assemble various types of Cable Harnessing using Circular, Vago & Molex Connectors. We harness the cables using Teflon, PVC, Ribbon and customized requirement.

RF Filters

With our expertise design team we design and manufacture all types of filters like Band pass, Hipass, Lowpass based on power handling and frequency. We develop filters in Microstrip, Stripline, Cavity, Duplexer, Comb line. We design Active filters as well with customized specification.
We assemble various types of Cable Harnessing using Circular, Vago & Molex Connectors. We harness the cables using Teflon, PVC, Ribbon and customized requirement.


  1. Helical Antenna
  2. Reflector Antenna
  3. Horn Antenna
  4. Patch Antenna
  5. Dual rigid Horn Antenna
  6. Pyrimidal horn Antenna


Waveguide Components


  • Straight Waveguide
  • Waveguide Bend
  • Waveguide Twist
  • Waveguide Transition
  • Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter
  • Crossguide Directional Coupler
  • Broadwall Directional Coupler
  • Loop Coupler
  • 3dB Waveguide Combiner/Divider
  • Waveguide Tee
  • Waveguide Rotary Joint
  • Waveguide Termination
  • Waveguide Attenuator
  • Waveguide Short
  • Waveguide Circulator
  • Waveguide Isolator
  • Elliptical Waveguide
  • Flexible Waveguide
  • Waveguide Adjustable Support

    Coaxial Components

  • Coaxial Termination
  • Coaxial Fixed Attenuator

    Microwave & Millimeterwave Antennas

  • Standard Gain Horn Antenna
  • Wideband Horn Antenna
  • MMDS Transmitting Antenna


Optical Tx /Rx, Optical Transmitters / Receivers, Optical Distribution Amplifiers, Intelligent chassis for Optical Transmission.
RF Splitters and Combiners, Redundant Distribution Amplifiers, Distribution Systems, Combiners (Active / Passive), Splitters (passive), Amplifiers, Multi-Stream Routers
RF & MICROWAVE COMPONENTS, Standard Gain Horns Various Types of Test Antennas, RF Co-Axial Switches (SPDT, DPDT, SPXT), Rotary Joints

Satellite Communications

Satellite Up converters/ Down converters, Block Up Converters / Down Converters, Satcom Antennas Systems (Flyaway, SNG, VSAT), DVB S2 Modulators / Demodulators, Redundancy Switches (1:1 / N:1)
Test Loop Translators

  • Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • LNA /LNBc / PLL LNBs