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About Sigasi:

Founded in 2008, privately funded, innovative, entrepreneurial and creative. Mission to provide a powerful IDE to hardware designers: Sigasi Studio. Sigasi editor is a low-cost efficiency tool for HDL designers and teams working in either VHDL or SystemVerilog. Every technical challenge inspires to develop innovative or much-needed features. In the end, Sigasi wants to help every HDL designer develop better code.

Sigasi Studio is used by industry leaders in medical, telecom, automotive, defense and aerospace. Welcome, and make yourself right at home!


Code editing

Code completion, based on where you are in the code including component instantiation. Sigasi Studio marks your syntax errors as you type so you can fix them right away. The code is formatted and beautified consistently.

Code browsing

Sigasi Studio serves as a VHDL and SystemVerilog code browser, so that you can navigate through your designs to understand large and complex legacy designs. With graphical browsing you can create visuals of your code, updated instantly and cross-linked to your code.

Code checking

See errors while you type and get warnings about dubious code. Save time and money as you need less time to write better VHDL and SystemVerilog code and you are able to free up valuable time at code reviews.

Better Code:

For a ASIC or FPGA designer, the project’s delivery milestone (a.k.a. tape-out) is due soon. There is a nice regression test suite that makes sure nothing breaks as bugs are being fixed. The suite runs for a couple of hours overnight. Developers are required to run some basic checks before checking in changes, but not the full regression suite as that would take too long.

Sigasi Tool completes the code for you, checks your syntax while typing and helps you format and beautify the code consistently so you can focus on the creative aspect of hardware design.

Sigasi’s Features Matrix

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