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Smart Asset Management

Smart asset management is a beacon technology solution that provides real-time information about the location of any asset or device. Beacon technology is a very efficient way for successful asset tracking solutions for the following reasons: they are affordable, they operate worldwide and they are easy to install – they simply need to be attached to the item that needs to be tracked.

Keeping track of the flow of goods is key to delivering excellent customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and retention. With beacon technology it is now possible to track the entire journey of the goods to be sold: when and where they are received, stocked, picked up, as well as delivered. Order coordination and monitoring of order processing can be centrally automated and reporting is accessible on any standard tablet, mobile or desktop device.

Hospital equipment is often highly valuable. Thus, it is essential to keep track of its whereabouts. Information about location and time can then be matched with additional important data, for example information about how often it is used and by which staff members. Thereby, asset security is ensured through constant monitoring.