Meet Our Team

Sham Kumar


Sham Kumar serves as CEO at TechFLUENT Solutions, a leading innovator of embedded hardware and software solutions for a smarter and more connected world. He has been at the helm of driving the vision, business strategy and technology Roadmap. Under Sham’s leadership, TechFLUENT has received recognitions for its strong company culture and its vision to innovate, develop and lead technologies which improve productivity and help industries automate their business process. He spearheaded the company’s focus on the embedded designs and Internet of things, leveraging cumulative strength of the team and expertise to become one of the industry’s most respected team to worth with.

Prior to inception of TechFLUENT, Sham held various leadership roles in market and product management positions with Techlabs, Siemens and Avantel. He has over 18 years of progressive experience and over a decade experience in co-founding and running three start-up and small sized companies.

MSN Murthy


As TechFLUENT Mentor, MSN Murthy is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and ensuring long term value for the customers. He firmly believes in values first and focusses on enabling sustained growth. With a shared vision of developing cutting-edge and world class technologies indigenously, he has been an ideal mentor for TechFLUENT. His unprecedented insights into topics as varied as liberty, economics, technology, venture capital, running a company and of course, Embedded Systems are a source of inspiration to many of the employees at TechFLUENT, not only in shaping their approach towards the corporate goal, but also in shaping their approach towards daily life and thus transmitting many of his ideas into the real world.

A veteran leader with more than four decades of experience and under his leadership he has built an industry leading portfolio to most of the companies and has contributed enormously in growth of the company’s. Over the years, he has served in various senior management, engineering and product management roles and has managed worldwide, integrated marketing programs, lead generation campaigns, channel and strategic partnerships, and B2B marketing operations that have repeatedly increased demand and generated revenue. He has held key leadership positions with NEC India, Aryacom, Avantel, Linkwell and Indian Airforce.

Nishanth Tikka

Co-Founder & Vice President

Nishanth Tikka serves as Vice President of TechFLUENT Solutions, leading the company’s global marketing team responsible for reputation, brand management and customer experience. Under his leadership the company has built-in industrial leading portfolio of Automated Test equipment’s, Data Acquisitions and the rugged military electronics business has grown exponentially every year. A veteran Marketing professional with more than 14 years of experience in technology services, Nishanth is responsible for expanding the capabilities of TechFLUENT in the product development space, including services, solutions, IPs, frameworks for device and quality engineering.

During his career, Nishanth has held varieties of roles and built high-performance marketing teams at Industry leaders like Data Patterns, Techlabs and Thrikasa to accelerate growth and meet business objectives.

Sumanth Gogada

Co-founder and Director -Technical

As TechFLUENT Co-founder and Director (Technical), Sumanth Gogada is responsible for the company’s Product Development, Technology Research and to formulates the strategy for a large portfolio of products including Audio Data Systems, Rugged Electronics, Software Define Radios, MSS Transceivers, Development Boards, ATE’s and DAQ Systems. He has architected in design of indigenous of Audio Data Managements Systems for critical cabin crew communication which are widely used in Defence entities.

Sumanth is technology enthusiast and has more than 20 years of progressive experience in developing demanding Embedded Rugged Systems along with NPD and maintenance of the systems to various clients. Prior to TechFLUENT, he held leadership roles at Avantel Limited, GE, Honeywell and Carrier Corporation mentoring teams for the effective and timely execution of the designs for the project executions.

Rajesh Kamlala

Co-Founder - Chief BDM & Operations Head

Rajesh Kamlala serves as a Chief Business Manager and Operations head of TechFLUENT, helping to lead the company’s growth in Academic, Training Segment and the supplier choices. He is responsible for the product marketing, driving the company’s marketing strategy and demand generation functions across TechFLUENT. His operations team includes the manufacturing team, CAD team, process and package engineering, product and test engineering, quality assurance as well as the prototype production and reliability test labs.