Moku Go


Integrated Test & Measurement Setup

Moku Go is one such platform provides 11 in 1 capabilities require for “Doing Engineering”. This platform enables institutes to buy and adapt to Integrated Test & Measurement Setup used in industry by replacing their traditional instruments such as Oscilloscope, function generators Power supplies etc..

In todays world industries have moved on from conventional and traditional test set up to compact and PC based integrated test & measurements set up which will enable industry to effectively test their design and save time & money.  Integrated Test set up platform enables a designer to save the space, power supply requirements, maintenance, calibration and cost. It helps designers test their designs on a single go with seaming less integration between different systems and help him save design time evaluate and test product precisely

Do Engineering: Anywhere & Anytime by 11 in 1 Moku GO hardware

Moku Go is a complete engineering lab solution for students to actively learn anything from circuits to senior design. Designed to be carried in a backpack, Moku:Go features 11 instruments and optional programmable power supplies. It eliminates the need for bulky benchtop instruments and empowers students to learn wherever they are. Hardware features include a Wi-Fi Hotspot, integrated high-quality connectors with enhanced electrical protection, USB-C for data and power. An intuitive user interface (UI) is included for Windows and Mac, and API support integrates with the rest of your curriculum.

Getting started with Moku:Go

Waveform Generator in Moku:Go

Oscilloscope in Moku:Go

Spectrum Analyzer in Moku:Go

Arbitrary Waveform Generator in Moku:Go

Data Logger in Moku:Go

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