NI CompactRIO

CompactRIO systems provide high-performance processing capabilities, sensor-specific conditioned I/O, and a closely integrated software toolchain that make them ideal for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), monitoring, and control applications. In a CompactRIO system, a controller with a processor and user-programmable FPGA is populated with one or more conditioned I/O modules from NI or third-party vendors. These modules provide direct sensor connectivity and specialty functions. CompactRIO is available in both a rugged industrial form factor and board-level design.

Rugged, Reconfigurable Control and Monitoring Platform—With an FPGA-based backplane and a real-time controller, CompactRIO is an industry-standard platform that delivers deterministic execution of control algorithms. It can be expanded by incorporating various modules including the Quanser Q1-cRIO that provides direct connectivity to Quanser plants, which are widely used for controls and mechatronics teaching and research.