myRIO provides educators with an embedded, WiFi-enabled solution to deliver an engaging approach to learning controls, investigating mechatronics, and designing imaginative capstone projects. Students can use myRIO to explore fundamental topics in engineering wherever they are. Watch the video for an easy way to teach proportional integral derivatives (PIDs) in control system courses.

Portable, Embedded Student Design Device—Leveraging industry-standard reconfigurable I/O (RIO) technology from National Instruments, NI myRIO places the power of real-time performance and customizable I/O in the hands of students. With this integrated hardware and software tool, students can quickly create applications on NI myRIO’s real-time processor to take advantage of a default FPGA personality that they can customize as projects become more advanced. NI myRIO revolutionizes the way students complete design projects and helps students “do real engineering” in one semester.