On Board DAQ


  • Mil grade components will be identified as per the specs.
  • Circuit diagram and schematics will be developed using OrCAD tool
  • 6-layer PCB layout will be designed as per the circuit requirement using PADS PCB tool.
  • PCB design guide lines will be followed as per the requirement.
  • PCB Fabrication – Minimum of 5 numbers will be fabricated
  • Component Procurement: Mil grade components will be procured
  • Components assembly: Machine soldering will be used for assembling the components

Software Development:

  • PC based windows application will be developed to control, receive and record the data from the system.
  • Debugging application will be developed for board testing.

Embedded Software:

  • ARM cortex M3 based 32 bit micro controller shall be used for the master control and processing all the sensor data and processing.
  • The embedded software residing on the processor shall take care of all the controls and inputs and further it processes the data accordingly and the data shall be written in the suggested format.
  • The processor has SPI interface which shall be used to read the data from the 24 bit ADC and processes the data to the required format.
  • All the data shall be saved redundantly such that there is no loss of data whatsoever.
  • SD cards and other memory is adequately provided such that the data and the processing happens faster and there is no delay in processing any sensor inputs and data synchronization.