Radio Over LTE

Radio over LTE

Today, LTE is becoming the dominant standard in broadband data communication for public and commercial mobile radio. LTE provides the ability for increased levels of functionality including connectivity to Push-To-Talk over Cellular apps, live mapping, video streaming and many other services.

Conventional PTT radios combined with Push-To-Talk over Cellular apps or dispatch systems is rapidly becoming an accepted standard and provides many benefits:

  • Maximize investment in existing PTT radio technology

  • Communicate across multiple sites, regardless of physical location

  • Integrate multiple radio manufactures and frequencies into a single unified solution

  • Easy to setup and administer.

Cubic’s Vocality RoIP provides the ability to connect a wide range of legacy and modern Push-To-Talk radios from multiple manufactures to a cellular LTE network. Our solutions provide radio connectivity to a number of leading dispatch systems and Push-To-Talk over Cellular apps allowing radio users to connect easily with cellular and desktop phone users.