RF Multicoupler

Compliance and comments on Multicoupler specifications

Specifications: L&S Band Multicoupler

S.NoParameterTechnical SpecificationsCompliance/Queries
1Input signal frequency1430-1545 MHz (L-Band) 2200-2400 MHz (S-Band)Complied
2Noise FigureMax 5 dBComplied
3Gain (each port)Min 3 dBGain Flatness (e.g ±1/±2 dB)
4Number of In-put ports2 portsComplied
5Number of output portsMin 4 ports
6Input Impedance50 ohmComplied
7VSWR1.5:1 or BetterComplied
8Output Impedance50W (each port)50 Ω
9ConnectorsN type-female or suitable adaptor to match N type male connectorComplied
10Power230 VAC +/- 10%, 50-60 HzComplied
11Size19” Rack mountableComplied(Height 1U/2U)
12Operating Temp0 to + 50 deg CComplied
13Storage Temp-20 to + 60 deg CComplied
14Input Port Selection2 Input ports & 4 independent Output Ports for each Input port  on back panel. Or, 2 Input ports & 4 independent Output Ports on back panel (Input Port can be selected by mechanical changeover switch on front side of Multicoupler)Need More clarity:
Total Output connectors are : 4 or 8? Is our Assumption correst?1 input port for L band and 1 input port for S band and 4 output port for each input port making it altogether 8 ports”
Is any switching required between input ports or both channels are independent?
15Input Power Range-20 dBm max
16HarmonicsBetter than 60 dBc
17Qualification/Platform requirements

18Cables2 M low loss RF cables with N type -male connectors. – 10 NosComplied