Smart Logistics Monitoring Systems

Smart Logistics Monitoring is an IoT system to automate process and have authentic data using Weighing Machine, Camera and a local printer as a whole system. 

System Description:

The required system shall work on 12v Battery and the same can be charged using AC Power supply. The system shall be integrated with different peripherals as per the required application. It primarily involves interfacing with available Tulaman Weighing Scale to obtain the input weigh, camera for the captured image and printer for providing the local printout of the transaction to the user.

The system shall have inbuilt GSM/GPRS Module to connect to the central server for transmitting the data. As per the application required parameters can be monitored with triggering or in regular interval. Monitoring, Data collection and uploading to the server shall happen automatically.

Typical Application: Store Material Management:

The require application demands for having a real time data of the commodities at each centre. Of now they are following old tradition method of maintaining manual log entries in register of the incoming and available goods / raw material with them. In order to eliminate mall practises and fraudulent process they have budgeted to invest on Smart monitoring systems to automate process and have authentic data using Weighing machine, camera and a printer in the Smart Logistics Monitoring system.

User has to be provided with the provision to select the item to be weighed upon using keypad and the system proposed has to collect the weight from existing weighing Machine (Tula Man Model) along with the item image to be transmitted to the central server. Even a label locally at the centre to be provided in printing format mentioning the item code, weight and date, time along with the location may be in the bar code format to be provided which would be pasted on the item for reference.

The same information has to be uploaded on to the server and stored in local memory as well. This data can be used to monitor the store inventory and as well track the goods packed. A mobile App can read the bar code on the label and match with the details in the server.