PlatEM Starter – Embedded & IoT

PlatEM Starter - Embedded & IoT Platform


The PlatEM Starter Platform based on ARM7 TDMI controller contains all the necessary hardware and software features that allow you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications. The new Starter platform from Techfluent is ideal for a variety of embedded applications has the most powerful ARM2368 Controller designed for different embedded applications.

With 512Kbytes of on-board program flash memory combined with a speed of upto 72MHz together with high accuracy A/D channels, D/A Converter, CAN Networking, standard USB 2.0 connection as well as an Ethernet connection, makes this kit ideal for any professional who wants be excel as an embedded designer.

Since the starter kit features a high-speed, high-performance, ARM7 core based ARM2368 controller with a maximum speed of up to 72MHz, this kit ideally suited for networking and real-time monitoring a total of six 10-bit A/D Channels, the kit also includes a 10-bit DAC, PWM output, numerous timers and interrupts plus a JTAG interface for easy program debugging.


  • Includes NXP LPC2368 ARM Microcontroller with a huge 512kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed up to 72 MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming via RS232 Connection for Easy Program Updates
  • Up to 25 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
  • Full Speed USB 2.0 Port
  • Ethernet LAN 10/100Mb Connection for full networking
  • Large 58k Data RAM
  • 6 Channels 10-Bit A/D
  • 1 Channel 10-Bit DAC
  • 2 Channels standard CAN network
  • Real Time Clock with Battery Back-Up
  • SD Card Connector for Data Storage and Transfer
  • JTAG Connector for Program Download and Debug
  • LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment
  • Load and Reset Button
  • On-Board 3.3V Regulator
  • Works very prefect with J-Link ARM JTAG.

Product Specifications Starter Platform:

MPU LPC2478, ARM7 TDMI controller
ADC 4 – 8 channel ADC interface
DAC LTC1452 or equivalent
Keyboard 4×4 matrix multifunctional
Memory Flash 2Mx16 parallel
SD Card MicroSD
  • Stepper motor interface
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Infrared
LEDs 4 User LEDs
Ethernet 10/100 RMII interface or equivalent
Power supply USB Powered, +5V adapter
Modules and Sensors
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Luminous Sensor
Wi-Fi/BT module CC3200 or equivalent
GPIO Other than the provided options, several GPIOs are pulled out for user selectable functions

The new ARM2368 Controller is ideal for the serious embedded project with heaps of features and powerful connectivity for use in a process or industrial control network. The board is ideal for use as a plug-in controller for a wide range of machines and control systems


    • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface USB connector on the starter kit interfaces with the on-chip USB peripheral of the Starter kit. You may configure the board as a self-powered or a USB powered device. ‹
    • Serial Ports Standard DB9 connectors are provided on the Starter Kit for all the serial ports. You may may use any of these ports for your application. ‹
    • CAN Ports Standard DB9 connectors are provided on the Starter kit for applications requiring CAN communications. You may use the CAN port or may be disabled with a configuration jumper.
    • LF Amplifier A LF Amplifier on the Starter Kit connects the D/A output of ARM2368 to a speaker, for applications like generating beep sound.‹
    • Analog Voltage Control for ADC Input An adjustable analog voltage source is on the Starter Kit for testing the Analog to Digital output. A configuration jumper enables and disables this feature. ‹
    • JTAG Download and Debug JTAG interface is provided on the Starter kit coupled with the ULINK USB-JTAG adapter which allows flash programming.
    • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a synchronous serial data protocol used by microcontrollers for communicating with one or more peripheral devices quickly over short distances. It can also be used for communication between two devices.
    • Ethernet The RJ45 is provided for Ethernet communications at 10 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s.
    • LCD Panel The LCD panel contains 16 characters × 2 lines and connects using an 8-bit interface.
    • Potentiometer The potentiometer on the Starter kit connects when the Jumper associated is enabled. The voltage range is 0.0-3.3 Volts.
    • SD Connector The SD memory card connector is provided that allows you to connect a wide range of memory cards.


Embedded Platform

  1. PlatEM Starter Platform- ARM7 TDMI controller
  2. U-link Debugger
  3. Keyboard Assembly
  4. Power Supply Adapter
  5. USB Cable

Optional Add-on Modules:

  1. IOT sensor kit- Temperature &Humidity, Ultrasonic, Moisture, Water, PIR Motion Sensor.
  2. RF, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, GSM.